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Warranty conditions

All Mill products are developed and produced to the highest possible quality requirements, which is why we also offer a 2-year warranty. If there is something wrong with your product during this period, Mill guarantees a free repair or replacement in accordance with the Mill warranty conditions.

The Mill warranty is valid when the device has been used in accordance with the instructions and for the purpose for which it was made. The original purchase receipt (invoice, receipt or receipt) must also be submitted with the purchase date, the name of the trader and the model (type) and production (series) number of the device.

The Mill warranty expires if:
  • • Something has been changed, deleted, deleted or made illegible on one of the documents listed.
  • • The model (type) or production (series) number on the device has been altered, deleted, deleted or made illegible.
  • • Repairs or changes have been made by unauthorized service organizations or persons.
  • • A defect is a result of external (external to the device) causes, such as lightning, flooding, fire, misuse or negligence.
  • • A defect is caused by improper or incorrect use or by use in an environment that is not in accordance with what is prescribed for the device.
  • • A defect is caused by connected peripherals, accessories or consumables other than those prescribed by Mill.
  • • The damage was caused by animals.
  • • The device is defective due to normal wear and tear of replaceable parts, which are intended as consumable parts, or breakage of glass parts such as jugs, etc.

We would like to point out that the product cannot be considered as defective if changes or modifications are needed to make the product comply with local or national technical standards in force in countries for which the product was not originally developed or has been produced. To avoid unnecessary inconvenience, we recommend that you carefully read the user manual before installing or using the device and carefully storing your proof of purchase. In addition, it is advisable to also consult this website for additional support before contacting your dealer or Mill.