Mill Panel heater PA600WIFI3


Mill PA600WIFI3 is only black panel heater model. This model will keep bedrooms and your kitchen up to 11 m2 heated. It has a total effect of 600W.

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** Introduction – in stock beginning of October 2021 **

This white Mill PA600WIFI3 steel panel heater with integrated WiFi module keeps rooms heated up to a maximum of 11m2 thanks to its 600 watts of power. The Millheat app allows you to control your heaters from anywhere in the world at the push of a button. Just tell the app your regular schedule and it will automatically adjust the temperature for you, making your life easy and comfortable.

The Mill PA600WIFI3 is a generation 3 model with many improvements in hardware and software compared to previous generation models such as:
• Super easy connection with Bluetooth allows it to automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network, no matter what type of router you have.
• The first and only heater with a PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) thermostat. When the desired temperature is reached, the stove will maintain this temperature by reducing the power level. This means more stable heating with less temperature fluctuations.
• Predictive heating – The stove heats the room so that the desired temperature is reached at a specific time. The panel heater has an advanced algorithm that allows it to learn how fast/slow the temperature in the room is going up/down. That way, it knows when to start heating to reach the desired temperature at the time you have scheduled in the app.

Mill PA600WIFI3 will keep bedrooms and your kitchen heated. It has a total effect of 600W.
Recommended room size: 8-11 m2



* Aluminium heating element – high efficiency and low surface temperature

* Silent operation

* Super accurate thermostat – digitally registered

* Easy operation

* Temperature calibration function

* Exquisite design

* Advanced thermostat control – day/night programs


– Power: 600W
– Thermostat: Day/night programs
– Material heating element: Aluminium
– Material front: Steel
– Colour: White
– Cord: White, 130 cm
– Placement cord outlet: Right side
– Grounded connection: Yes
– IP classification: IPX4 (Approved for use in bathrooms zone 2)
– Product size (W x D x H cm): 65,0 x 8,6 x 40,0 cm