Mill Invisible panel heater PA800L WIFI3


Mill PA800WIFI3 is WIFI integrated panel heater model a with steel front. This model will keep bedrooms and your kitchen up to 14 m2 heated. It has a total effect of 800W.)

** expected in stock in December (week 50)

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** expected in stock in December (week 50)

The PA800L WIFI3 is a wifi integrated panel heater and suitable for rooms up to 14m2.
With Mill WiFi heaters, you can easily control your heaters from your smartphone ensuring comfortable temperatures at any time without wasting electricity. Mill Invisible is Scandinavian design at its best—and most beautiful! It’s visible, yes, but almost invisible

The minimalistic, elegant shape fits organically with any interior design and has made Mill Invisible a design icon in the heater industry. With its soft, rounded edges and gently curved front, this panel heater blends in beautifully with your wall. The panel heater provides a comfortable ambient temperature and is safe to use without supervision, which ensures that your home is always comfortably warm when you open the door.


In the Mill App, you can program the temperature to automatically adjust to your daily routines, which ensures everyday comfort and saves both your wallet and the environment from unnecessary expenses and electricity usage. By using the app, you can control several houses and as many heaters as you like, no matter where you are in the world. As a result, you will always come home to a cozy, comfortably warm house or cottage. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Mill Generation 3 WiFi offers new and revolutionary features. An upgrade of both hardware and software has enabled us to offer the following new benefits:

First panel heater with PID control heating technology. When the desired temperature is reached, the heater will maintain this temperature by lowering the power level. Meaning more stable heating with less fluctuation in temperature.
Predictive heating – the panel heater will heat the room so that the desired temperature is reached at a specific time. The heater learns how fast/slow the room goes up/down in temperature over time. That way, it will know when to start heating to achieve your desired temperature at the time you have scheduled in the app.
New WiFi chip that allows super easy connection with Bluetooth that automatically connects the device to your WiFi-network, regardless of the type of router you have
100% silent operation due to silicon control – no clicking sound when the temperature goes up and down.
Child safety lock – for safe usage
Commercial lock for landlords
Open window function that switches off the heater automatically when a window is opened
Possibility to let Mill Sense override the heater´s temperature sensor – allowing more precise temperature control
OTA (Over the Air) updates allowing new exciting features to be added to the software



Power: 800W
Recommended room size: 10-14 m2
Low model – perfect fit below windows
Aluminium heating element – high efficiency and low surface temperature
Silent operation
Super accurate thermostat – digitally registered
Temperature calibration function
Advanced thermostat control – Mill App + WiFi
Material front: Steel
Colour: White
Cord: White, 130 cm
Placement cord outlet: Right side
Grounded connection: Yes
IP classification: IPX4 (Approved for use in bathrooms zone 2)
Product size (W x D x H cm): 105,0 x 8,6 x 25,0 cm