Mill has an outdoor heater in its range to enjoy a pleasant temperature outside as well.
The infrared heating technology enables the patio heaters to heat just like the sun. We can compare the heating effect to the one of an early spring day when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. One will suddenly feel the heat from the sun, but the ambient air temperature will remain the same.
The technology behind shortwave infrared heating relies on a simple principle, which says that the heat transfer doesn’t need a medium (such as air) to heat an object or a person. This makes infrared heat a very efficient heat outdoor heat source, since it can warm a person without warming the air first.
This stunning and unique patio heater is formed as an elegant lamp and will naturally blend in with your home’s exterior. The Mill patio heater is mounted to the roof with an adjustable cable and will look especially stylish over a dining table or lounge-area. Make your home’s exterior just as beautiful as the interior with this stunning patio heater from Mill in a unique and modern design!

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