Mill oil radiator is an innovative oil filled radiator with the most modern technology. It has an elegant design that can make any place look astonishing.
If you are looking for something that can make your interior looks awesome and at the same time give you a pleasant warm feeling in a cold winter; then you need the new generation oil radiator from Mill!
Whereas, nobody really likes to place normal oil filled radiators inside their home. Mill oil filled radiators boost the heat distribution to a great extent and provides a comfortable warm environment. In addition, it does not dry the air.
In an oil radiator, the oil is heated and provides the heat. Since the oil will remain warm for a while, the heat will linger longer than with a convector heater that is not oil-filled. The oil does not need to be filled either.
So how does Mill Oil differ from normal oil filled radiators? Because of its beautiful design, Mill oil has a a closed structure around the normal oil filled fins which creates a huge difference in providing heat. The design of the heater itself forces hot air to rise through the hot fins. This increases the speed of the hot air and results in a faster and more efficient heat distribution in the room. We call this Mill Heat Boost Technology.
To make peoples life truly convenient we are now offering a fully WiFi integrated oil radiator, where the heaters can be controlled with a touch of a button on your Millheat App. By using the App you can control different locations (home, cabins etc) and as many heaters as you want.

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