Mill Glass has become Norway’s most sold glass panel heater, and has transformed the way people look and feel about panel heaters. Before the introduction of Mill Glass, people paid little or no attention of the design of their panel heater. Now the panel heater is an integral part of every interior, and people want it to look as good as the rest.
The popularity of Mill Glass has therefore soared upwards right from the start, and is now the market leader for glass panel heaters.
The Mill brand has two design series within the panel heating product group: Steel, with steel front, and Glass, with glass front. There is no technical difference between the series, with the exception of a design difference.
The simple, yet elegant design with the glass front makes this a favourite amongst a wide range of customers.
Mill Glass panel heating has a tempered glass front and is minimalist in shape; visible but also invisible.
It works on the basis of convection; cold air is heated as it passes an aluminium heating element. The warm air increases in volume and rises, leaving room for new cold air to flow through the room, efficiently heating the room as a whole. The glass front has a low surface temperature and is safe for children.
Within the Glass series, there are models from 250 Watt to 1200 Watt for rooms from 5m2 to a maximum of 18m2. Mill Glass panel heating is suitable for use in the bathroom (IPX4 – zone 2) and is completely silent in use. All products are supplied with a wall bracket and screws.
To make peoples life truly convenient we are now offering fully WiFi integrated Glass panel heaters, where the heaters can be controlled with a touch of a button on your Millheat App. By using the App you can control different locations (home, cabins etc) and as many heaters as you want.
Naturally, all Mill Glass panel heaters are equipped with a tip over protection and a foil that protects the glass front.

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