The Norwegian brand Mill designs, produces and markets heating and climate products with a beautiful Scandinavian design. Mill is passionate about creating beautiful and functional products. The products they make are part of the interior of thousands of homes, and that is something Mill is very proud of. Some want the products that stand out in the interior, while others prefer products that disappear in the interior. Whatever your choice, the result will be spectacular.
“Hygge” is a Norwegian word that has been embraced by cultures outside the Nordics in the recent years. The word “hygge” is often used to express a mood of coziness, feeling of wellness and contentment.
Mill is all about “Hygge” and the Nordic lifestyle. We want our customers to have a cozy, warm and comfortable home regardless of the freezing temperature outside.
Due to the cold weather in Scandinavia, we spend a lot of our time indoor. It is therefore important to us to have a beautiful home at a comfortable temperature. Mill offers you both: stunning design and comfortable and efficient heating.

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